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Often, people use the terms “sheetrock” and “drywall” interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. Drywall is the market term for premade sheets of wall, while Sheetrock is the brand name of a kind of drywall. Depending upon what space is being developed, our professionals will choose from the various thicknesses or grades of drywall to best suit your building project. 

Drywall is a fantastic building material utilized for indoor walls and ceilings due to the fact that it’s durable and budget-friendly. Moreover, drywall is quick to install and repair, and requires little time or planning to do so for both kinds of jobs. Because of its durability, drywall can last for many years into the future, and can even help stop the spread of fires in your house, in the unfortunate event you experienced one. 

Drywall has long been utilized as an interior building material to line the walls of houses and business structures. In addition to its durability, the fact that’s it’s so affordable, and the ease with which it can be preserved compared to its other building product equivalents, make it an easy choice.  

Drywall is far easier to work with than plaster for walls and ceilings. Affordability, durability, and ease of use, make it the preferred choice for building contractors in both residential and commercial construction. In brand-new building and construction, using drywall can literally save days or weeks of work when compared to standard plaster. Although setting up drywall is a reasonably simple process, it is not necessarily an easy one. With decades of experience, you can count in Baraibar Drywall to complete your project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

After the walls are framed, the drywall is measured and cut to fit the area, and holes are cut to accommodate pipelines or wiring. The installers then hang the drywall by fastening them to the studs. Finally, the installers “finish” the drywall by filling the spaces in between the sheets of drywall with spackle and drywall tape. 

Our business focuses almost exclusively on drywall work in new construction or very large projects. If you are preparing any sort of construction task in on the South Plains, call us about completing your interiors. Building projects can be disorderly and demanding enough on their own. When you employ Baraibar Drywall for your drywall installation, you can be sure that you will have one less thing to stress about. 

We are actively seeking new relationships with builders and contractors for drywall and insulation installation projects.


Baraibar Drywall

Baraibar Drywall is a home-owned and operated drywall and insulation specialist company. We are committed to supplying top quality work with competitive pricing, stressing customer satisfaction and timely job completion. We offer expertise in all phases of commercial and domestic drywall and insulation projects, which is where most of our business is focused. 

Baraibar Drywall


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